Admission requirements for the IMA Study course (M.Sc.)


The access for the master course Agricultural Management (IMA- M.Sc.) is restricted.  If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the capacity set by the university, the selection is made by the examination board. Thereby the following documents are taken into account:

  • Letter of application (two pages) with specified reasons for the application
  • Curriculum vitae in German language
  • Proven German language skills
  • Diploma certificate, respectively acknowledgements of grades (min. note "good" (C) or 2,5 after note scale from 1,0 (excellent) to 5,0 (fail))
  • Available references of internships and occupations

In each case the applicant has to fulfill all prerequisites for admission to study.


Admission to the internship term


For the acceptance to the first term (internship term) there are the following qualification requirements:

  • Above average degree of an agricultural study at university level. An above average degree is reached, if an average grade "good" is achieved in the basic study course. The examination board of the study course decides on exceptions after informal requests.
  • Foreign applicants have to verify sufficient knowledge of German language skills.
  • Required language certificates download here:

Admission to the first academic term


For the second term (first academic term) there are the following requirements:

  • Certificate of successfully passed internship term or proof of recognition for equal practice periods by the board of examination
  • Foreign applicants additionally have to verify sufficient knowledge of the German language. Usually evidence is provided by the presentation of a certificate of a passed "C1" exam from the Goethe–Institute or a comparable document
  • In addition, foreign applicants have to fulfill the German aliens act. This means, that an enforceable scholarship assurance is presented or a definite sum determined by the Foreigner's Registration Office (at the moment 2,500 €/semester) is paid in advance on a special account. This amount is paid out to the student over the course of the academic year.
  • All applicants have to proof sufficient knowledge of plant and animal production systems. If they do not have sufficient knowledge in these areas, they have to choose respective compulsory elective courses and have to pass the corresponding exams. For further details please refer to the study plan.


Additional application documents you'll finde on the website:

  • Two-page letter of application in which the prospective student has to illustrate his/her specific reasons for applying
  • CV in German language
  • Certificate of German language skills
  • Graduate certificate (diploma) or grades confirmations
  • References for internships and professional activities


Dates and deadlines

The application form has to be received by HSWT no later than February 15th of the respective study year.
Supplementing application documents have to be brought to the selection exams or have to be sent to HSWT no later than March 15th.


Shipping route

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