TOPAS MOOC  of Agrarian production economics
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Online module of TOPAS E+ Course Description

Prof. Prof. h. c. mult. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Ralf Schlauderer

The following online learning module “Assessment of Agricultural Production Procedures” is a result of the Erasmus+ TOPAS Project CBHE 585603 funded by EU

- to foster modern lecturing and teaching in universities
- to make university knowledge online available for all interested groups of our societies

The goal of the course is to provide the theoretical basis for decision-making in agriculturla production and the subsequent illustration on specific practical examples for crop production. In this case, the course deals primarily with the issue of short- and long-term costs calculation means of crop production such as winter wheat. In the process, the question is addressed whether is the crop production short- and long-term profitable or not. With the example of such questions, the theoretical basics of economic decisions are illustrated and discussed. Subsequently the developed theoretical principles are applied to specific practical examples. The results are discussed and evaluated from the perspective of decision-makers. Additionally, the course is utilizing Moodle. For each module, there is time for questions and discussions in a virtual chat room scheduled, to which all users have access to.

The presented online course is the result of the common and equal work of all ten participating universities of TOPAS.


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